Opening ceremonie for Patrol meeting


Opening ceremonie for Patrol meeting


(1) Line up the Patrol facing the Flag of the United States on the wall of the den. Pledge of Allegiance. (2) A one-minute silence, with every Scout thinking of the Scout Oath and its importance to him. (3) The newest and oldest Scout in the Patrol recite the Scout Law together. (4) One point of the Scout Law read in full by the Patrol leader. (5) Patrol Leader recites Scout Oath, but starting from “To do my duty…” When he finishes, all boys say in chorus: “On my honor, I will do my best!” (6) Patrol Scribe reads the roll call. Each boy answers, as his name is mentioned, by reciting one point of the Scout Law- “A Scout is trustworthy…” and so on. (7) Turn off all lights, then focus as many flashlights as you have on a small Flag of the United States. Sing one verse of the Star-Spangled Banner. (8) Cut out from cardboard or plywood a large Scout badge. Hang it on the wall of the den, or put it on a stand. Face it, sing Hail, Hail, Scouting Spirit. (9) Light three candles on a stand while reciting the points of the Scout Law.


These ceremonies came from the Handbook for Patrol Leaders, copyright 1950

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