On Top Of Old Greyback


On Top Of Old Greyback


On top of old greyback, All covered with rocks, I got a big blister, From wearing thin socks. For hiking's a pleasure, But blisters are grief, And a big broken blister, Is worse than a thief. A thief will just rob you, And act like a knave, But a big broken blister, Will lead you to the grave. Cause it leads to infection, All loaded with puss, Not one blister in a hundred, A poor guy can trust. They'll hurt and displease you, And ruin more toes, Than legs on a centipede, Or petals on a rose. Come all you young hikers, And harken to me, Tight shoes and thin stockings, Are unsafe as can be. For your feet they will blister, As easy as pie, Infection will get you, And cause you to die.



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Tune: On Top Of Old Smoky. Greyback is the highest peak in southern California, and was the regular all-day hike from Camp Tulakes (Old Baldy Council) in the late 1940's and 50's. The song was a written by George U. Smith, an assistant scoutmaster of Pomona Troup 1 and frequent member of the camp staff, and was a campfire favorite.


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