On the Loose


On the Loose


CHORUS: On the loose to climb a mountain, on the loose where I am free. On the loose to live my life the way I think my life should be. For I only have a moment and a whole world left to see; I'll be searching for tomorrow on the loose. Have you ever seen the sunrise turn the sky completely red? Have you slept beneath the moon and stars with pine boughs for your bed? Have you sat and talked with friends though a word is seldom said? Then you're just like me and you've been on the loose. CHORUS There's a trail that I'll be hiking just to see where it might go. Many places yet to visit, many people yet to know. So in following my dreams, I will live and I will grow and I'll be waiting there for you out on the loose. CHORUS So in search of love and laughter I go traveling through this land. Not real sure of where I'm going, for I haven't any plans. So anytime when you are ready, come and join me, take my hand and together we'll share life out on the loose. CHORUS

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I saw a posting of part of this song from 2005 and I too, learned this at a camp decades ago in girl scouts! I have never forgotten it!


Laurie Dunham


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