Chorus: Ole, oleanna. Ole, oleanna. Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole, oleanna. Climbing up the Matterhorn, all alone as I could be, I reached the top, I forced a stop and heard this mystic melody. (Chorus) On an island in the ocean, not a human soul around, as I searched for bread and water, once again I heard this sound. (Chorus) My plane had all its motors gone. The wings would never keep me up. I heard a voice that seemed to say, "Now, let's take it from the top. (Chorus) I was tramping through the Congo when the Mau Mau tribe appeared And their native chant was haunting, just the sound that I had feared. (Chorus) While rocketing into space, I found myself upon the moon. An ectoplasm greeting me with, "Have you heard the latest tune?" (Chorus) My ship was sinking in the water, so I sent an S.O.S. and I waited for an answer, you don't even have to guess. Came a voice so calm and cheerful, just as cheerful as can be, said, "According to our survey, now the song is number three!" (Chorus twice

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