Old Sap


Old Sap


lots of scouts


time to practice


start by assigning different scouts to a certain job of a noise that can be heard in a forest such as making the sound of a duck,river,or trees, or people singing. Then have the narrator(N) say " i need one volunteer". then make the narrator choose a well known adult and make the adult come to the very front. (N)"i need you to do one thing. you are the sap of a tree. so i want you to run around all the scouts right now and keep on running till the very end." Narrator" it was a quite day in the forrest then the _________(thing making the noise)started to ________(noise the thing makes)" when the thing has been called out, have them make the noise that their thing makes until they are called out again.have the narrator keep on saying all the things that you have assigned until all of the things have been called out. Narrator" then all of the sudden the ________(the thing) was quite and stopped ______(noise)" when the things name has been called out have them stop making their noise.keep repeating that until all the things have been called out.Narrator" and all that was left was the old...sap...running" Then everybody walks off the stage including the person that was running.  <br>


The Unknown Scout


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