Old Man Sam


Old Man Sam


A walking stick, narrator, 4 scouts.




The four scouts line up beside each other like they are about to run a race. The narrator says that Old Man Sam is the defending champ, and we don't know why. Then he says, "Ready, Set, Go!" The racers start running (Old Man Sam limps while using the walking stick to walk) then all but Old Man Sam fall down, and Old Man Sam crosses the finish line and starts cheering. Then the narrator says lets see that again in extra slow motion(every body on the ground gets up and walks backwards to where they started and Old Man Sam goes backwards to where he started at the same time as the ones getting up). Then the narrator says, "Ready, Set, Go!" The racers all go like the first time only this time in slow motion. Old Man Sam stops and trips everybody. He then crosses the finish line and jumps up and down cheering. The narrator then says, "So that's how he always wins the race."


Ferdinand Tretter


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