Old Dan Tucker


Old Dan Tucker


Well, I went to town the other night To hear a noise and see a fight. All the people was jumping around Saying Old Dan Tucker is coming to town. Hey, get out the way for Old Dan Tucker. It’s too late to get his supper. Supper’s over. Dinner’s cookin. (CHORUS) And Old Dan Tucker just stands there lookin. Now Old Dan Tucker came to town. Ridin a billy goat, leading the hound, The hound dog barked and the billy goat jumped And through Old Dan Tucker right flat on a stump. Now Old Dan Tucker started in early life. He played the banjo and the fife. He played all the boys and girls to sleep. Then into his bunk he did creep. Now Old Dan Tucker clumb a tree. His Lord and Master for to see. The limb, it broke and Dan got a fall And he never got to see his Lord at all. Now Old Dan Tucker, he got drunk. Jumped in the fire and he kicked up a chunk He got a live coal in his shoe. HOOOOOOOOOOOlaGodermighty, how the ashes flew. Now Old Dan Tucker, he’s a fine old man. He washed his face with a frying pan. Combed his hair with a wagon wheel And ran away with a toothache in his heel. Now Old Dan Tucker is a long gone sucker. He’ll never go home to get his supper. He has gone for his last ride. And the banjo’s buried by his side.

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David Turner


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