Oh Mona


Oh Mona


I saw an old preacher sittin on a log. Oh Mona. Had his finger on the trigger, eye on the hog. Oh Mona. The gun said boo and the hog said Yip. Oh Mona. The preacher grabbed him with all his grip. Oh Mona. Oh Mona, you shall be free. Hallelujah. (2X) Oh Mona you shall be free. (CHORUS) When the good Lord sets you free. I got behind a henhouse on my knees. Oh Mona. I thought I heard a chicken sneeze. Oh Mona. He sneezed so hard with whooping cough. Oh Mona. He sneezed his tail and head both off. Oh Mona. I got a girl that you should see. Oh Mona. She weighs two hundred fifty three. Oh Mona. She has two teeth in her mouth. Oh Mona. One points north and the other points south. Oh Mona. There was a young man who had the blues. Oh Mona. Had feet so big he couldn’t get shoes. Oh Mona. And the salesman said “Come back again.” Oh Mona. We’ll fit you with the box the shoes came in. Oh Mona. I got a girl that I adore. Oh Mona. And when we went dancing round the floor. Oh Mona. I looked in her eyes and I saw in a glance. Oh Mona. That she had lost her desire to dance. Oh Mona.

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David Turner


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