Noah, the TRUE story


Noah, the TRUE story


1 Narrator 1 Noah 1 Angel(has to have a very loud voice)


Angel has to be off stage Noah has to lounge somewhere center stage and the Narrator has to be centered when speaking


"Noah the True Story" written by Jeremy Edwards First performed by Troop 610 (Narrator comes to center) Narrator: A long time ago in biblical times there was a man called Noah....You know? Noah? He made the ark. What you might not know is that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. That begins our story when Angel came down from the Heavens and said Angel: Noah! Will you build me an ark? Noah: *jumps up startled* Angel?! Angel: Who else would it be? Now back to the question. Noah! Will you build me an ark? Noah: Umm what is an ark? Angel: It's a big boat Noah: Why didn't you just say so? Well you know I really don't want to... Narrator: Then Angel said.... Angel: Then Noah, How long can you tread water? Noah: *starts panicing* I cannot swim! Angel: Then you will build the ark Noah: ok Angel: Now Noah you are building this ark because I am fed up with man and so I am going to wipe them out by flooding the world with water for 40 days and nights. Noah: *smiles and starts acting cocky* well then I must be pretty special for you to spare me.... Angel: Actually I picked your name out of a hat *pause for applause* Now noah the ark will be made of hickorey wood... Noah: Why hickory wood? Angel: Cause I like hickory wood don't ask questions Noah: I mean I've always been a fan of birch myself, pine is fine too... Angel: Noah! Noah: I mean do we even have hickory trees here? Angel: NOAH!!!! Noah: sorry Angel.... Angel: Now you put two of every animal on this ark. Noah: ok...hey why two? Angel: One male and one female.. Noah: Ok but I mean three is my personal favorite while five is also good.... Angel: NOAH!! I WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN WITH LIGHTNING IF YOU DON"T STOP! Noah: well soooorry...Hey what about fishes? Angel: what about fishes? Noah: they can swim why do they need to be on the ark? Angel:.....Noah just do as I say and forget about the fishes... Noah: Alright Narrator: So Noah began to build his ark but only when the boat was as big as a small dingy it began to rain... Noah: *whiney voice* Angel...wha look at this it isn't an ark? Why'd you make it rain now? Angel: Sorry Noah but I just took a shower and the water had to go somewhere... Noah: what am I going to do now? Narrator: So noah was forced to pile the animals on top of each other with him at the bottem and after 40 days and nights they reached the new world but it began to rain again... Noah: *collapses* Land Land! *notices rain and in whiney voice* Angel..... Angel: Noah I need you to build me another ark Noah: but I just finished with the first one... Angel: yes but you see noah I just flushed the toilet


Jeremy Edwards


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