New Scout vs. Eagle Scout


New Scout vs. Eagle Scout


2 New Scouts 1 senior scout 1 scout to be someone in need. Bag with some food, Backpack with the following: Flashlight, knife rope, first aid kit, whistle, compass, map, poncho, water bottle and something to eat.


Before skit starts have a Scout (Scout #3)go into the woods just enough to not be seen but close enogh to hear.


Two scouts wearing backpacks approach the person in need. Scout #1: "Can I help you sir?" Person: "Oh thank you!" - Scouts help put things back into the bag Person: "Thank You again. Are you scouts? Scout #2 "Yes, we are brand new Boy Scout." Person: "What's are you carrying?" Scout #1 "Oh stuff to be prepared" Person: "What kind of stuff?" - As each item is taken out of the packpack talk about what there are for and why they are important. After all have been shown... Scout #1: ...and it is important to go hiking with a buddy" Person: "Why? Scout 1 & 2: "So you don't get lost" Scout #3" Yells, "Help! I'm scare and and I lost" Person: "Is that a new scout too?" Scout #1: "No, that's our Eagle Scout" Scout #2: We gotta go get him.


Paul Winkel


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