New Car


New Car


10 Scouts and one "MUCH LOVED" individual from the audience




1 scout comes into a car dealership and meets salesman.  
Man tells salesman he wants to custom build his car. so they first choose four scouts as tires. they sit in formation that tires would be in. Then they look for 2 seats and 2 scouts sit in the formation of seats. then he chooses a steering wheel. 1 scout sits in front of the scout that is the seat. Then you choose a gas a pedal. 1 scout sits next to the "steering wheel". Then last you pick the "MUCH LOVED" individual from the audiance. then the salesman asks if he would like to test drive it. As they go down the road they come to a steep hill and they have to hit the brakes but the man making the car forgot to buy brakes so "kill" the engine. Everyone runs and jumps on top the man playing the engine!


Matt Bandieramonte


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