NASA and the Indian Chief


NASA and the Indian Chief


First, this is one I found and because of the impact it has made, it is one of my favorites.  
Trust and losing it.  
Several years ago when N.A.S.A. needed to test their equipment which was going to the moon, they decided an area of desert in the Southwest would best to represent those conditions they would have to encounter once on the moon. As the testing area began taking shape with all the trucks and equipment, one of the scientists noticed along the horizon two men on horses. His curiousity got the best of him and he headed out to meet these visitors. He introduced himself to two Indians. One, the elder Chieftian and the other, the Chieftian's son. The son asked the questions of the scientist as his father did not know English. As he translated the information to his father, his father's face became very concerned looking. His father then spoke in their native language to the son to which the son turned to the scientist and said "My father would like to send a message to the moon if you would be so kind." The scientist, excited by the opportunity responded yes. The son took great care in passing along his fathers message to the scientist but could be seen with a slight grin on his face. Since the message was in Indian the scientist did not know what it means so he asked for a translation. The son was instructed by the Chieftian not to tranlate the message and to send it as given. Of course, in honor of his wishes, the scientist made note of the message and promised to send it along.  
Again, his curiousity got the best of him and he proceeded to find someone to translate the message. All those able would only grin and protect the mystery of the message until he found one person able and willing to translate the message. The Chieftians message was simple yet shocking. "Beware, do not trust them. They come to steal your land!"


Of course, the main lesson to learn is one of Trust but many can be taken from this Minute.  
Attempt, as difficult as it can be, to close your Minute with prayer. A Scout is Reverent.


Brian Adams


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