Mystery Weapon


Mystery Weapon


sticks or toy sword,a bottle of water,A rope, a chair,(Anything that could be a weapon), A instrument, 3-9 scouts,and a blanket or veil.


About 30-45 minutes of practice.


All the scouts chase the scout master and scream "get him/her".Eventualley they catch up and capture the scout master, and they tie him or her up and say we have the ultimate weapon,a weapon that will destroy you,the scouts grab three things and tell the scout master to pick either the sword,the bottle of water,or the mystery item.The scout leader picks the mystery item,and the scouts say you are going to get it and one scout holds something covered by a blanket or cloak.The scout takes out the item and it is a instrument.The scout plays so loud and bad the scout master dies and so does every scout including the player himself,and the narrator says "oh darn, that wasnt suppose to happen,or was it?"


Luke Skywalker


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