My horse no looka so good


My horse no looka so good


One small, one large scout, and another scout.


Just know what to say and when.


The large scout is walking like a horse down the street(stage) with the third scout. The small scout walks up to them and says, "Sir, that is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen, can I buy it". The third scout says with a mexican accent," Why you want to buy my horse, SHE no looka so good." The small scout says," What are you talking about, that is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen, please let me buy it." The third scout says once again "Why, my horse no looka so good". The small scout is starting to get upset and says, "i will give youa thousond dollars for that horse." The third scout agrees, the small scout gets on the big scout and rides off, they run into a tree. The small scout walks the big scout back to the third scout and says, "You sold me a blind horse", the third scout says, "I told you sir, my horse she no looka so good"  
You might have heard this before, its been in my troop for a couple years and then it spread. Always gets laughes.


Dawson Jimmy


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