Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head


Nothing really. You could use a hat or something to give mr potato haed a pompous look?


Mr Potato Head, Mr Beetroot) doctor ambulance


mr beetroot walkes on stage to find his good mate, mr potato head, sittin down thinking. Mr Beetroot: Hello Mr Potato Head, what are you doing? Mr Potato Head: Thinkin about my girlfriend, Mr Beetroot. Mr Beetroot: I never knew you had a girlfriend Mr Potatoe Head, describe her to me. Mr Potato Head [desribes a girl] Mr Beetroot stands up, and yells at Mr Potato Head... Hey! that's my girlfriend! They then get in a scuffle, Mr Potato Head gets punched and falls down...... AMBULANCE (comes on and takes mr potato head off the stage) DOCTOR (facing the audience): There's some good news and some bad news.... The good news is Mr Potato Head will survive... The bad news is he'll be a vegetable for the rest of his life!


Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head Mr Potato Head


Damien Bailey


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