Mr. Johnny Verbeck


Mr. Johnny Verbeck


Once there was a Dutchman, his name was Johnny Verbeck. He specialized in sausages and saurkraut and speck. He made the finest sausages the world had ever seen, 'till one day he invented a sausage makin' machine. (Chorus) Oh Mr. Johnny Verbeck, how could you be so mean? We told you you'd be sorry for inventing that machine. Now all the neighbor's cats and dogs will nevermore be seen, they'll all be ground to sausages in Johnny Verbeck's machine. One day a boy came walkin', a walkin' through the door. He bought a pound of sausages, and threw them on the floor. The boybegan to whistle, he whistled up a tune, then all the little sausages went dancing round the room. (Chorus) One day the meat inspector came knocking at the door. He said I'll start a looking if you don't give me money more. Johnny got real angry, and pushed him in the meat, fired up the ol' machine and now there's more ta' eat. (Chorus) One day the machine busted, the darn thing wouldn't go. Johnny Verbeck, he climbed inside to see what made it so. His wife was having a nightmare, walking in her sleep. She gave the crank an awful yank, and Johnny Verbeck was meat. (Chorus)


Dance around when the sausages dance around the room. Make pushing motionwhen meat inspector gets shoved. Make sleepwalking motion with hands when wife is sleepwalking. Make a motion as if pulling a large lever when crank is pulled. HAVE FUN!! :)

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Song is best to sing after eating a breakfast with sausage. Be sure to say you bought the breakfast meat from Johnny himself!;)


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