Mr and Mrs Hill


Mr and Mrs Hill


a good story around a camp fire. no equipment


This the story of Mr and Mrs Hill who crashed their car into a tree on a dark back country road.


Mr Hill was not hurt but Mrs Hill was hurt bad. Mr Hill carried her to a near by farm and knocked on thr door and said she was hurt and needed a doctor. The man answering the door was a Doctor and he carried her to his lab with his Assistant. The Doc told Mr Hill that his wife was dead. Mr Hill had a heart attack and died right there. The Assistant said "what do we do now?" The Doc says "I am going upsatairs and play music. He does this and a few minutes later here comes Mr & Mrs Hill up the stairs. The Assistant says "whats going on?" The Doc says have you not heard "The Hills come alive with the sound of music. Gotcha!


robert fulford


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