2 cups 5or6 scouts water


Have the scout stand in a line and have the first and last scout hold a cup in their hand and have water in their mouth


Have the first scout start out with water in his/her cup. Scout one:Time for mouthwash! and puts the water from the cup they are holding into their mouth Scout2:wheres the last of the mouthwash? notices that scout one is using it. Scout2: can I use that after you? Scout1:Pretends to spit the water through scout 2's ear. scout1 makes theirmouth look like it has no water in it anymore and scout2 makes it look like they have water in their mouth. this continues through the line until you get to the last person in line. They will have already put water in their mouth and will spit it into their cup and exclaim loudly man (scout1's name)what did you have for dinner???!!!


Ferdinand Tretter


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