Mountian Dew


Mountian Dew


Refrain O they call it the good old mountian dew, and those who refuse it are few (ARE FEW!!!), well I'll hush up my mug if u fill up my jug with that good old mountian dew My uncle Mort swat off and short measures bout 3 foot 2 (OR THREE!!), but he feels like a giant when you give him a pint of that good old mountian dew. refrain My preacher gus you never heard him cus not even a word or two (OR THREE!!!), but you should of heard him sware when they took away his share of that good old mountian dew refrain My uncle Dave, dead in the grave, ever scence 1842 (or three!), but you should have seen him rise when they gave him that prize, of that good old mountian dew refrain My uncle bill owned a still on a hill were he ran of a galon or two (OR THREE!!!), the buzzards in the sky they get so high they can't fly off that good old mountain dew refrain


Clap hands durring refrain, let one person sing a different section, when words are in () say them and say loud while pumping fist into air, durring uncle Dave make it slow and dramatic

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