Motorcycle Gang


Motorcycle Gang


A backpack with a play tent in it or a blanket(add chair onstage to make a dumb looking tent) 3 or more scouts. And bikes (optional


the chair if needed


2 scouts walk in looking tired scout 1- Man we've been hiking all day we should make camp and go to bed. scout 2- O.K. I got the tent in my back-pack (the 2 set up the tent) scout 2- this tent is too small to hold both of us I'll sleep in it because it's mine scout 1- O.K I like sleeping under the stars anyway ( the 2 sleep then the rest of the scouts come in looking like a motorcycle gang) Gang leader- hey look at this guy sleeping under the stars how stupid we\I should show him a lesson ( the gang beats scout 1 up and rides away) scout 1(waking scout 2 up)- hey these guys just beat me up what should I do. scout 2(sleepily)- it was a nightmare just go back to sleep. (They go to sleep again and the gang comes back) Gang leader- he still hasn't learned his lesson let's beat him up again. (They beat him up again and ride off) scout 1- O.K. you may not believe me but I'm scared so switch me spots. scout 2(not fully awake)-K (the gang returns) Gang leader- O.K. he's asking for it Hench man(if more than one)- wait boss we already got this guy let's get the one in the tent.


troop 41


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