More Than 3 Colors


More Than 3 Colors


I have 3 colors, red, white and blue. They are more than just 3 colors; Their formation is a symbol for each of you I am recognized from sea to shining sea, No matter what the method you use to display me Your respect is not what I demand, For that would defeat all for which I stand During my life I have done my very best I am the symbol of our nation But the time has come to lay me down to rest. I stand for all the blood that our soldiers have shed For the lifeblood of our nation, I use this stripe of red. I also stand for what is moral and what is right, To symbolize our values, I use this stripe of white Sometimes I am placed on the coffin of the dead, Because they made the ultimate sacrifice I use this stripe of red. I can give you strength and an enormous might, For the power within me I use this stripe of white. Into battle, men and women I have led, In honor of these Patriots I use this stripe of red. I usually take my place at dawn’s early light I am hoisted higher than the others so I use this strip of white I dare to go places where others have never tread For the spirit of the pioneer I use this stripe of red To so many I am a comforting sight, For the feeling of tranquility I use this stripe of white. At twilights last gleaming I am often heralded I can mark the end of the day so I use this stripe of red No one owns me; there is no copyright, I represent all of the citizens so I use this stripe of white My country is a place to which many have fled Because I don't discriminate I use this stripe, of red Often you honor me with words that you recite For your Pledge of Allegiance I use this stripe of white If you follow me you won't be misled I am recognized as a leader so I use this stripe of red. A Civil War once divided my country in two. Now we are one nation under God, I keep my states united on this field of blue There is no need for sadness on your face. I have many brothers and sisters who are sure to take my place After listening to my story I hope that you have learned, I am more than just 3 colors and it is your respect that I have earned.


Flag and fire


Our Troop preforms many Flag retirement ceremonies. Each year at Webelos Crossover we retire 12 to 15 flags. I wrote this poem we use in the cermony.

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