Missing table


Missing table


Table,school. Dective room and a house


The missing table is about how 2 boys who are liars. And the boys[matt,kevin] see's something they weren't suposed too.So it's up to kevin and matt and the dective and matt's 2 sister[ lilly, and ella] too find the table!!


Matt: Im bored, Kevin: mee too [look's at matt] [ Matt's sister Lilly come's in ] Lilly : Matt did you eat my ice cream ? Matt : No ! ...... Lilly : your liaring Matt Matt : not aaa [ laughs wierd] Lilly : yeah you did Matt : find i did Lilly : you always lie !! [ lilly leaves the room ] Kevin : that was funny dude Matt : let's go to your house kevin ! kevin :ok [ Matt and Kevin leave's matt lilly and ella follow.] Matt :Why is there two men at your house ? Kevin : idk ? let's watch them [ while matt and kevin watch behide a tree they see a window break and the two men run with kevin mommy's table that cost $ 10000 . Matt: call the police kevin Kevin : ok [ takes put his cell phone ] Kevin : 911 robber's at 2342 barkirk dr. Police officer: keivn , dont call onky if it's true,. [ police hangs up ] Lilly : i saw that two mean men do that, Ella : mee too they are meanies Matt and kevin : no one is not goinng to belive a 6 year old and a 5 year old !! Ella: well just because im 5 doesnt mean im not a liar Lilly : yeah just becaused im a 6 year old. Matt: lets call a dectivor Kevin : yeah [ later , at a dector's room. Dectivor: Hello boys what can i do for you ? Matt : well my friend kevin house got broken into and no one belives me Dectivor ; well who do you think did it ? Matt: the bh brothers kevin : yeah Dectvor i will come tommorw and check it out Kevin : you got it dude [the next moring ] Dectvor : i got it the bh brothers are going to toko [ at the air port the dectvor grabs the table and runs Bh brother : hey give that back Dectvor : no way Air port person: may i help you Bh brother : he stole my table air port perosn : let me see Kevin : that's my moms ! my last name is scout. air port person : [ takae's the tanle and it say's to mrs. scout] your under arrest bh brothers police: you were telling the truth Matt and kevin Lilly : it was us too that help Ella : yeah Mayor : let clap for Keivn, Matt and Ella and lilly


katie barkdoll


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