Last Best Great Hope For America


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You are the last, great, best, hope for America. You are! You believe in HONOR, in a world where honor has lost much of its meaning. You believe in doing your duty to God and your Country, in a country where school prayer has been outlawed and many Americans don't even bother to vote. You believe in a scout law, with 12 very demanding and very specific points, and you commit to ALL of them....when your non-scout friends commit to NOTHING. You believe in helping other people, and at all times...and you do this in a world where liability is so feared that when someone cries out for help many people literally run away. You belive in keeping yourself physically strong, and you do this in a world where teenage obesity is common and video games are confused with exercise. You believe in staying mentally awake, in a country where drug use is not uncommon and binge drinking by teenagers is considered by some to be a thrill. And, you believe in keeping yourselves morally straight, and you do this in a country where some of our own leaders don't even know the meaning of the term. Yes, You ARE, the last great, best, hope, for are the Future of the World...the world of Today...and of the World to Come. As your Scoutmaster, I feel privildged to even have known you....

Contributor  John Dieffenderfer

Comment  This is a great Court of Honor "minute"


Date Entered  05-Mar-2001

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