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aOky kids did you have a good time today? (Every one shouted yes). Great, who is a good speller? Ok Derek spell scouting. S C O U T I N G.

Great. Now what does it spell if you leave

the first two letters off? O U T I N G.

That’s right. Now we had a good time on this outing didn’t we. (Every one shouted yes) Now, would it have been fun for one person to do all the work, while the rest played, (Every one shouted no) I wouldn’t want to. But if every one shared then the work would get done real quick and then every one would have fun.

Contributor  William Jackson

Comment  At the last day of camp after the program was over, there was a Cats Eye trail. We used a Coleman gas lantern. At the end of the trail,I set the light to the low, & gathered the kids around.


Date Entered  05-Mar-2001

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