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"Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example." Robert Baden-Powell

He said it, I didn't. But how it still rings true almost 100 years later. Talk to you leaders and fellow Scouters about continuing their training. The "TRAINED" tab shows your Scouts and their parents that you care. It gives your Scouts a sense of pride and trust in you and your abilities. You cannot teach what you do not understand and experience isn't found in any book or internet website. Lean on each other and share your knowledge with others. I am thankful that others have shared with me. And in turn I am thankful to be among those who now have the ability to share. Be the example that willingly shares their knowledge and skills with others.

If you have the pleasure to hear any of Lord Robert Badin-Powell's speech from the tenth anniversary of Scouting (Gillwell, 1922), you will hear not only a great speaker and orator, but a true heartfelt spirit that inspired others to do "Their Best" for the boys. You have chosen to do you best. Now inspire those around you to follow in your foot steps and those of Lord Baden-Powell.

Contributor  Art Tousignant

Comment  I am a Cubmaster and a District Roundtable Commissioner. I traded an Army uniform for that of the Cubmaster after 26 years of Active duty service in the military.


Date Entered  11-Sep-2008

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