Developing Personal Responsibility


Scouter's Minute

One of the strong points of emphasis of our program has to do with each of us developing a strong sense of personal responsibility. What do we mean by that?

("When we say we'll do it, it's as good as done.")


That's good, too. For instance, when you are given a job or chore, you will see it through.

Just how do we develop personal responsibility, fellows? How does it happen? I see a lot of blank looks.

Well, let's try it from another angle. Do you know some people upon whom you can always depend when they say they'll do a job? And do you know some other people you can never depend on - people who are always pretty likely to let you down. I see that practically all of us know people of both kinds. You have people classified. I suppose people classify us in one group or the other, too.

"I'm going to be more careful," I can hear you say, and I think you all are saying, "I want people to know that I am a dependable person."

I am glad we all agree, fellows. Good night.

Contributor  Gerald Geisler

Comment  1958 New Brunswick New Jersey
Scoutmaster's Minute
Scouter Victor Reinholz


Date Entered  14-Dec-2007

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