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mind reading


two scouts plus an audience of scouts. this could be done at a troop committee picnic or other location. Or by adults at a gathering. lets try a home where there are rooms such as a kitchen and family room. The SM and SPL need to go over the skit before hand


scoutmaster and SPL The SPL goes into a kitchen away from the audience. The SM asks the audience to quitely pick out an item in the room. Then calls back the SPL. THe SPL comes in with his arms folded looking stern.


The SM starts pointing out objects in the room . Is it this? Is it that? Is it this over here? The SPL says no to each item. The SM keeps this up until the SPL ubfolds his arms. The next item the SM points too is the item. and the SPL says yes (The SPL can come out with his hands in his pockets, but when he pulls them out the next Item the SM points too is it. If someone says they know how it is done have them whister it in you ear. if no one can figure it out. save the game for another day


robert fulford


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