Mexican Lasagna


Mexican Lasagna


Flour Tortillas Ground beef Green Onions Salsa Colby Jack Cheese Taco Seasoning Sour Cream.


Dutch Oven


Brown grond beef and add taco seaoning as directions say. Lightly oil the Dutch Oven place a layer of Flour Tortillas on bottom.Add a layer of the ground beef mixture.then a layer of green onion,then a layer of salsa then add a few dollops of sour cream over the salsa,cover with a layer of cheese.Repeat the layers. Top with a layer of flour tortillas and another layer of Salsa and cheese.


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I use a 14 dutch and have made up to three layers and the top layer. I place 18 coals on the bottom and 22 on top and let cook for 45 minutes rotating twice. The ground beef can be made in advance and then it just is assembled at the campsite. Have also made with diced chicken breast seasoned with my own chili seasoning.


Paul Bohland


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