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Pets Merit Badge Requirements

1) Present evidence that you have cared for a pet for 4 months. Get approval before you start.
   *Work done for other merit badges cannot be used for this requirement.

2) Write in 200 words or more about the care, feeding, and housing of your pet. Tell some interesting facts about it. Tell why you have this kind of pet. Give local laws, if any, relating to the pet you keep.

3) Show that you have read a book or pamphlet, approved by your counselor, about your kind of pet.

4) Do ONE of the following:
   A) Show your pet in some pet show.
   B) Start a friend raising a pet like yours. Help your friend get a good start.
   C) Train a pet in three or more tricks or special abilities.

Source: Boy Scout Requirements, 33215, revised 2004