Meatball Kabobs


Meatball Kabobs


frozen meatballs (any variety will work but we usually like italian flavor), hot dog or other type of bun, spaghetti sauce, vegetables for grilling(usually onion, pepper, potatoe, sm tomatoe, pineapple)


grill, foil, togs, skewers (we usually use wood ones you can throw away/burn after use but we have thought about getting metal ones since we like to make these)


prepare vegatables (wash, slice--we've found that nickel to quarter size bits of the vegetables works best, and if we can find them canned new potatoes for the potatoes-otherwise the potatoe chunks need to be small to cook in time for the other ingrediants not to burn) Once veggies are ready, take meatballs and skewers and assemble kabobs; preheat grill a tad, lay kabobs on grill and cook. Meanwhile heat spaghetti sauce in a foil pouch on side of grill (you probably won't need a whole jar so you may want to bring about 1/2 jar in a ziplock). When kabobs are done, serve them on the buns and whoever wants sauce can dribble some sauce on top of them; you can also eat off the bun or you can add cheese; some kids will make a kabob of just the meatballs and make a stromboli sandwhich (just don't forget to bring some cheese)




First time we made these some of the boys had fourths; everyone made their own skewer so they could pick what went on it.


Fran Stephens


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