Meat & Cheese filled sopapillas


Meat & Cheese filled sopapillas


Flour, yeast, milk, salt, oil, sugar (normal bread recipe), Hamburger meat and gratted cheese of your choice, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa


bread board to roll dough on and cooker to deep fry finished product.


Mix bread dough as you normally would and let stand to rise. Brown hamburger and set aside, keep refried beans cold no need to heat, and have cheese handy. When bread dough has raised, take a racketball sized ball of dough and roll it out in a circle about the size of a 10" dinner plate. On the lower 1/2 of your circle place about 2 table spoons of meat, 1-2 tbl spoons of beans and some cheese. Fold the upper 1/2 of your bread over the lower and pinch the edges of the bread shut very well. Make sure it is tight and now holes are present. this must not come open or you will have a big mess in your fryer. Your finished product should look like an lg. apple turnover. Place in 350-375 deg. oil and cook until brown on all sides. To serve have letuce, tomatoes and salsa on hand. You can also use peanut butter or apple pie filling in place of the meat/cheese/beans for a dessert. Be very carefull as peanut butter gets extreamly hot!!!! Now stand back and watch all the happy campers dig in. Oh and be ready to make a whole bunch more "FAST".




You can easly change what you place into the sopapilla to make it a main dish or a side dish or a dessert


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