Man on Mountain


Man on Mountain


4 peole, broom, a gas mask


#1 person is the wise man #2 is a travler #3 is a janitor with a broom #4 is a confused person with a gas mask #5 is a person that is ready to catch a shoe


1. wise man walks on stage and meditates as he sits. 2. the travler walk on stage and asks "Hay, are you the old man on the mountain" 1. the wise man replies "no, I am the WISE man on the mountain" 2. the travler says "so, can you give me my fourtune" 1. man replise saying "Yes, but it will cost you your shoe" 2. travler hands the man his shoe. 1. man says "hummmm. you will have a grand fall." and meditates again. 2. travler takes shoe and walks off stage and when behind the stage yells as if he is falling. 3. the janitor walks on sweeping up the trail. 1. the man says, "why are you sweeping on a mountain" 3. janitor replies "cus, it dirty." 1. man says "of course it's dirty, your on a mountain of dirt, what do you want." 3. janitor replies "Can you give me my fourtune". 1. man replies "yes but it will cost you" 3. janitor instantly hand him his broom. 1. man says "no, your shoe" 3. janitor hand man his shoe. 1. man says "well, you like bananas." 3. shrugs and walks off. 4. the confused person walks on and stumbels over the man. 1. the man then says "what are you doing?" 4. confues man replies "looking for a wise man, sitting apon a mountian of dirt." 1. man replies "who want's to know." 4. confues man says "I take it you are him, can you give me your fourtune" 1. man says "maby, for a price" 4 "I dont have money on me." 1 "no no, i want your shoe." 4 puts on the gas mask and hand the shoe to the man. 1 screams and yells saing "what have you done to your shoe, when was the last time you washed you feet" 4 "your suposed to wash your feet," 1 looks at him like he is crasy, and says, "yeessss, this is a dificut fourtune, I must stand for this," takes a pause "you will have a very very long walk back down the mountain" throughs the shoe off stage. 5 catches the shoe and runs off laughing. 4 "hay, thats not fair." and hops after #5


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