Making Eggs


Making Eggs


1 Bowl 1 wooden spoon or a large spoon 1 Flash light


make sure you know your lines and Equuipment


you have a Director and 3 actors in which the 3rd actor is the Doctor. Director: Hellow everyone I am making a movie which i am plaining on it to be a award winning movie with this three actors (all three actors walk out) ok now you all know you lines Actor 1 and 2: ya i think so (looks around like not knowing the lines) Director: ok camera's ready camera man: ya Director: lights Ready? Light Man: A okey here Director: sound ready? Soundman: picking up everything. Director:ok...ACTION!!! Actor 1: (walks in to room and walks up to Actor 2)what are you doing Actor 2:makin Eggs Actor 1: let me Try some Actor 2: well there not done but if you want some it is ok with me Actor 1:( takes spoon and makes it look like he is tasting the eggs) oh my gosh these eggs are sick.(falls to floor acting dead) Actor 2:( act like picking up phone) DOCTOR DOCTOR (then acts like he hangs up phone) Doctor:(enters room) what seems to be the problem Actor 2: he tryed some of my eggs Doctors: ( checks out Actor 1) he is dead Actor 2: dead Director: CUT.. that is the worst i have ever seen do it again but more ( then put in like faster, slower,sufer,and you can add your own) At the end the Dircetor: that was great, now Cameras did you get that Camera man:hmmmm....i ran out of film (Camera man runs off being chased by the other cast)


Ferdinand Tretter


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