Makin' Beans

Makin' Beans

Makin' Beans


a pillow




8 people come on
director:ok..we're here to make a movie..called Makin' Beans
Director: Lights(lights guy holds hands over head and open), camera(cameraman starts rotating hand like oldfashioned camera)
Person who dies: walks on stage where stirrer is and asks:whatcha doin?
Stirrer: Makin beans
Dier: Can i try some?
Stirrer: Sure!!
Dier: eats beans then dies
Mother: (An older scout is good for this role to make it funny)hysterically cries: MY BABY!!!! SOMEBODY CALL A DOCTOR!!!!!!!
Stirrer: Doctor!
Doctor:enters..examines body then pronounces...He's dead...(mother grieves)
Director: that was horrible...ive never seen a worse needs to be faster or westernor valley girl or slow or military or happy or sad repeat scene of movie as ,many times as you want then when it is done director says to cameraman...ok now can i have the film
Cameraman: Film...what film???(everyone then chases cameraman


Makin' Beans

Makin' Beans Makin' Beans


Nathaniel Morse


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