Magic toilet


Magic toilet


Colorful Tissue paper, 1 wood chair, 2 metal chairs, and 5 scouts


Put Colorful tissue paper around 1 metal chair


Scout1:welcome to potty-mart, what can i get you? Scout2:yes, I would like a wooden toilet.(leaves with wood chair) Scout1:Welcome to potty-mart, how can I help you? Scout3: I would enjoy a steel toilet.(leaves with steel chair) Scout1:welcome to the potty-mart, how can i be of assistance? Scout4:Yes, can you get me a magic toilet please? (leaves with second steel chair with tissue paper) Scout5/narrator: The next day they all came back with returns. Scout1:Welcome back to potty-mart, what can i get you three? Scout2:I can't use my wooden toilet, i keep getting splinters in my butt!(points to butt feebly) Scout3: I can't keep mine either, my butt keeps slipping of! Scout4: Shut up! Mines 10 times worse than yours combined, it sings! Scout5(from a distance): Do you see what I see?!?


Ben Harvey


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