Magic Lamp


Magic Lamp


5 Persons -Man -Genie 1 -Genie 2 -Genie 3 -Genie 4 Lamp/flashlight Special effect powder/smoke bombs add dramatic affect but are not neccecarry.




Man-[walks around aimlessly and finds a lamp which he rubbs.] G1-[Genie 1 appears][Loudly says...] I will grant you 3 wishes, chose them wisely. Man-[throws arms in the air and shouts] More wishes! G1-I am sorry, but I am not capable of granting a wish for more wishes. Man-[Falls to his knees with arms still in the air and shouts] MORE GENIES!!! G2,3 and 4-[suddenly appear from know where] G1-Crap!(may be substituted for other word)


The Unknown Scout


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