Magic Growing Machine


Magic Growing Machine


you'll need a 5 scouts, a sheet, a stick, a log, a small rock, a big rock, and a bucket of water.


just practice


two scouts will stand behind a sheet and hold it up hiding the supplies and another scout behind it. one scout will be infront of the sheet yelling,"COME SEE THE AMAZING GROWING MACHINE!" then the last scout will walk up to the yelling scout and say "what do you have there?" yeller: this is the magic growing machine. scout: what does it do? yeller: when you put something into it then it will grow twice it's size! scout: i don't beleive that one bit. ok, i'll test it. the scout then picks up a stick and throws over the sheet. then the scout behind it chuck out a log on stage. scout: WHAT! I still don't beleive it. let me try again. the scout then throws a pebble over the sheet. then the scout behind the sheet throws out a big rock on stage. scout: oh this is all fake. see, this is what i think of your magic growing machine. the scout then spits over the sheet. then the scout behind the sheet dumps the bucket of water on him.


Mike Morel


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