Magic Blanket


Magic Blanket


blanket, a small and large stick, a small and large stone, a leaf and a bunch of leaves, a glass of water and a bucket of water & 4 boys


Two boys are to stand holding the blanket facing the audience, with the large stick, stone, bunch of leaves and bucket of water hidden behind the blanket with boy #3


The scout who does the skit says to the audience he has a magic blanket. That anything small he throws ove the blanket, returns but larger.  
He demonstrates this by saying, first I will throw over the small stick.  
He does this and the big stick comes back.  
Then he throws the stone over the top and a rock returns. He then throws a leaf over and a bundle of leaves come back.  
At this point the scout says he's thirsty and asks for a glass of water.  
Someone brings him a glass, he dricks a little of it, and spits it out saying... "Thats horrible.  
Then, without thinking, he dumps the glass of water over his shoulder and over the blanket.  
The bucket of water then comes back.


Ron Jacobson


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