Oh I was born One night, one mourn When the whistle went boom boom You can buy a steak or fry a cake When the mudpies are in bloom Does six and six make nine? Does ice grow on a vine? Is old Joe an eskimo In the good old summertime? You can loopty loop Through your noodle soup Just to give your socks a shine I'm guilty judge I stole the fudge Three cheers for auld Lang syne I cannot tell a lie I hocked an apple pie It's in a tree Beneath the sea Above the clear blue sky They call me king Napoleon But I'm not him at all I come from south Dakota Way down by old saint paul I'll sue 'em all for slander I'll make 'em all repent For how can I be Bonaparte When I'm the president? If Easter eggs don't shave their legs Their children will have ducks I'd rather buy a lemon pie For forty seven bucks! Way down in barcelonia I fell into the foamia And this is all baloney-a Paderewski blow your horn Toot toot!

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This song is one of my favorites- though all the ones from my camp- camp cleawox in Oregon are pretty darn good- although I won't even bring up the moose song. EVER.


The Unknown Scout


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