Lone Ranger


Lone Ranger


Ten Scouts




Narrator:The U.S. calvary is fighting a war against Mexico  <br>Calvary Leader Boone: (stays still) you three men (pointing to three) go get him, he is only the lone ranger he shouldn't be to hard (charge lone ranger about 15 feet away)  <br>Lone Ranger: (rat-tat-tat-tat like a gun noise while sweeping from side to side, Calvary men die.)  <br>Calvary leader: The rest of you (7 scouts) go get him!  <br>Ranger: (kills them off like before and all ten quickly jump up at run back to Calvary Leader)  <br>Calary Leader: This is a five thousand man army, lets show him the full power of this Regiment (all men attack)  <br>Ranger: (blows them away, when men die they quickly run to back and start agian to imitate the 5,000 man army. The ranger stops firing, all but one man falls down pretending to be shot dead. one man crawls back to Calvary leader acting wounded).  <br>Wounded Man: SIR! THERE'S TWO OF THEM! (falls dead at Calvary leader's feet.)


Ryan Cortner


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