Lobster Tail


Lobster Tail


As many chairs as there are people.


Man 1: This looks like a nice restaurant. Man 2: Yeah, let's eat here. Waiter: Hello, I'm <insert name here> and I will be your server for tonight. Here are your seats. The waiter shows them to their seats and hands them each a menu. Man 1: I'll have the Caesar Salad Man 2: I'll have the Salmon Special Man 3: I'll have the LOBSTER TAIL Waiter: Ah. The lobster tail. Excellent choice (the waiter winks to the audience) The people make random small talk until the waiter comes back. Waiter: Here's your Caesar Salad and your Salmon Special. And for YOU. The waiter takes a seat next to man 3 and pulls out a book. Waiter: Eh em! There once was a little lobster!


The Unknown Scout


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