Little Rabbit fufu


Little Rabbit fufu


stick , bunny ears,Magic Wand.


Have cubs or scouts ready to be rabbits and one be rabitt FUFU.And a fairy godmother.(Scout dressed as one)


Song to the song of "little rabitt fufu hopping thru the forest , see the litte CHURCH MICE and bop them on the head." Fufoo,bops a MOUSE as they are singing song.And everyone says AND ALONG CAME THE GOOD FAIREY. Fairey-fufu quit bopping the bunnys and chews him out. fufu-agrees sing song-fufu bops another again. fairey-chews out fufu and warns him if he doesnt behave she will turn him into a GOON. song-fufu- does again looking sneaky. fairey-i warned you fufu.and (audience says POOF" fufu is turned into a goon. fairey -and do you know children what the morel of the story is: HARE TODAY GOON TOMARROW.


Mike Cianciosi


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