Latrine Skit


Latrine Skit


A piece of rope. A bucket and a sponge. A wrist watch.


You need 6 scouts to complete this skit.


Cast:Narrator, Johnny, Scoutmaster, and Scouts 1,2,3. Narrator: One summer Johnny's Boy Scout Troop went to a Boy Scout Camp. One morning before colors, Johnny's Scoutmaster comes to him. Scoutmaster: Johnny this morning is your turn for Latrine clean-up. Johnny: OK. Narrator: So Johnny takes the bucket and sponge and heads for the Latrine. (Johnny now pretends to clean the toliet bowl.) Narrator: While Johnny cleans the toliet bowl, his watch slips off his wrist right down into the big septic tank below. Johnny: Oh no my watch! Narrator: He tries to grab it, but falls in himself. Johnny: Ahhhhh! Narrator: Johnny looks up at the latrine through the toliet bowl. Johnny: Mabey if I yell for help, someone will come. (From off stage Scout 1 comes into the Latrine. He walks over tho the toliet and is just about to sit down) Johnny: Hey you help me, I've fallen into the septic tank. Scout 1: Oh my Gosh! Who was that? (Runs away) Narrator: A little while later another scout comes in. (Scout 2 walks in and is also just about to sit down) Johnny: Hey help me please. I have fallin into the seprtic tank. Scout 2: Hey who was that? Ahhhhhhh! (Runs away) Narrator: Another 10 minutes have passed when another comes in. (Scout 3 walks in and is also just about to sit down) Johnny: Please help me! I've fallin into the septic tank! (Scout 3 stands up and looks down into the tank) Scout 3: I'll go get help! Narrator: This time the scout brings the Scoutmaster with some rope. (The scoutmaster throughs the rope down a pulls Johnny out) Scoutmaster: Johnny are you OK? Johnny: Yes. Scoutmaster: How long have you been down there? Johhny: I don't know, but many moons have passed.


Ferdinand Tretter


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