Knifety Knife


Knifety Knife


5 Scouts


line 4 scouts up 1 sleeping on tree (By Troop 42)


1st scout(general)"ATTENTION". scout sleeping wakes up and stands straight "YES SIR". (General)faking to hold a gun"This is the annihalator 4000, if the enemy gets it we will all die"General turns around and starts walking 1st scout yells"Wait, How do I fire it? (general)"Pull the trigger and say bangity bang. 1st scout says "Bangity Bang, Whoa. @nd scout runs after him and says Kickity kick !1st scout says bangity bang and kills him (Repeat with punchity punch,and Knifety Knife) then last scout walks up to him ,1st scout says "Bangity Bang, Bangity Bang" last scout runs over him and 1st scout dies .last scout says"TANKITY TANK".




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