Killer Squirrels


Killer Squirrels


Lots of pinecones and a place where you can hide two Scouts so the audience can't see them For extra kicks, a boombox with scary music.




An older Scout walks onto the stage and says something to the effect of, "You see them every day, scurrying around camp. They're fuzzy, they're cute, but they're all part of a secret plot. One day, the squirrels will ATTACK!" (Work on that part to make it extra scary.) Some younger Scouts walk onto the stage, pretending to hike, have a picnic, pitch a tent, or something like that. Then the optional music swtiches on, and the hidden Scouts begin throwing pinecones at them, taking care not to hit anyone. (Small stages or bonfires may pose a problem.) The Scouts on stage run around screaming like lunatics.


Ferdinand Tretter


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