Kee Chee


Kee Chee


A wuni kuni ka yah wuni, [Repeat.] Ahyi yi iki ay kae ayna, [Repeat.] Ah ooo, ah ooo, ah dee mee KEE CHEE.


The beginning "A" is done with hands "rumbling" on own legs, then with each time sing through the song, do a different action... 1.Hands on own knees; hands on knees of person to the left; hands on own knees; hands on knees of person to the right. 2. Hands on own knees; hands crossed on own knees; hands uncrossed on own knees; Left hand on knee of person to the left while right hand in knee of person to the right. 3. Left arm extends forward; right hand touches left wrist then left shoulder; left hand crosses to to right shoulder; right arm extends forward; left hand touches right wrist then right shoulder; right hand crosses to left shoulder. (At end of song, hands are crossed, touching opposite shoulder.)

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Should have Indian Chant feel. Works great when done in a circle. When you get good, speed it up!


Ferdinand Tretter


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