Jumping off a cliff


Jumping off a cliff


Around 10-15 ppl.


"Reporter" walks out and says: Hi I am a reporter and I can't find a story. I'm just gonna jump off this cliff. One... two... another kid walks out and says: Wait stop! What are you doing? Reporter: Jumping off a cliff. 1st kid: Why? Reporter: I can't find a story! 1st kid: Can I jump too? Reporter: Sure, but why? 1st kid: I failed my math test. Again as they are about to jump someone interrupts them, asks what they are doing and why. then she or he asks to jump too. this goes on till everyone in the group is about ready to jump off the cliff. some funny reasons to use are: "I broke a nail!" "My favorite pair of jeans are ruined!" "I'm bored!" u can make up your own reasons too. so when everyone is out they all say "One... two... three!" and everyone jumps and falls except the reporter. Reporter: Now I have my story!


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