Johnny Got Hit by a Bus


Johnny Got Hit by a Bus


An object to throw to one another (a football for the best).


You need 1 person to be Johnny. Someone to be Johnny's friend Someone to be a doctor. Someone to be the bus driver and a coupple of riders. Someone to be a director Set Up: Bus stands at stage right and Johnny and his friend stand in the middle and doctor on stage left.


Director- O.k, people, Johnny got hit by a bus take 1*! Johnny's friend- Go for a pass! (Johnny catches the ball) Johnny- Got it! Johnny's friend- Watch out! (Bus runs over Johnny) Friend rushes over and starts to cry. (Doctor runs over) Johnny's friend- Are you a doctor? Doctor- No, but I play one on TV. I will preform CPR. CLEAR!!!(Doctor goes zzzt while pressing on Johnny's chest) Johnny- I am alive. Director- Cut! That was horrible. Do it again. Action! (Repeat the scene over 3 times) Director- Cut! That was horrible. Do it under water. (After doctor says clear and shocks him every one in the scene dies) Director- Cut and print. That was great! The end


Ferdinand Tretter


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