Johnny And The Car

Johnny And The Car

Johnny And The Car




You will need 5 people  


The skit is really a filming of a film called Johny Got Hit By A Car. The director says action and Johny and his friend start to play ball and johny gets hit by a car which is a person. Next the director says cut and everyone goes back into places. Every time the director says cut the camera man will try to talk but the director will shut him up before he can get a word in. The director then tells them to do it girly, karate like, manly, or ballerina like. Before the end of the skit you should have done them all. The way that you do them is to act like the word the director says. Every time the actors do a scene the director will say he does not like it. And he will have them do one of the things in the list above. When you have done all you will have the director say put everying together. Once you have finished the director will say he likes it. Once the director says he likes it the camera man gets to talk and he says that their is no film in the camera and everyone tries to hit him while he runs off stage.


Johnny And The Car

Johnny And The Car Johnny And The Car


Malcolm Johnson


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