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Led the first known long term camp for Mentally Disabled Scouts in 1974. At the time there was no known Scouting program for Mentally Disabled Scouts, though John and other Scouts in the Monterey Bay Area Council worked weekly with a Troop of Scouts at a special school. Together with the local OA Lodge and the help of over 50 Arrowmen, John organized the first week-long camp with a troop of 25 Disabled Scouts, at a regular week of Scout Camp. John received commedations from then President Gerald R. Ford. John has continued to remain active in Scouting as an adult, both at the District level and as a Unit COR. Currently, he is an active member of Topa Topa Lodge #291 in Ventura California. Professionally, John is a business owner of three internet based businesses. Previous occupations included long time Radio host in Monterey CA, TV personality, Director at the Walt Disney Company and Advertising Agency Director.


The Unknown Scout


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